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Brief information about company

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Brief information about company


GOST R certificate

Our certification body is accredited by Federal Technical Regulation Agency to issue GOST R certificates and register GOST R declarations. Our company certifies the following product categories:
— cables and cords,
— switches for appliances and automatic controls,
— household and similar equipment,
— installation accessories and connection devices,
— lighting,
— measuring instruments,
— IT and office equipment,
— low voltage equipment,
— installation protective equipment,
— safety transformers,
— portable tools,
— electronics,
— entertainment equipment,
— batteries.


Telecom approval

Our certification body provides turn-key solution to obtain telecom certificates and to register declarations for telecom and radio equipment of following standards:
— PSTN, DECT, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, VoIP phones and terminals,
— WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n, BT
— routers and switches,
— conference equipment,
— billing systems,
— telematic servers.

Representative service

In compliance with national technical regulations, declarant must be Russian resident company only. If manufacturer doesn’t have representative company in Russia, our company can provide representative service and to register declaration in Federal agency of communications.


Test reports and certificate acceptance

In compliance with national technical regulations, Russian GOST R and Telecom certificates can be issued and declarations can be registered only on the base of Russian test reports which are issued by accredited GOST R and (or) Telecom laboratories.

Our experts and engineers can study foreign test reports and issue Russian test reports on the basis of them.

If foreign test report includes completed information for approval purposes our certification body can accept Safety, EMC, Telecom, Radio test reports and other test reports for GOST R and Telecom certification issuing and for declaration procedure, without any local samples retesting.


Technical regulation (TR) certificate

Our certification body is accredited to issue technical regulation (TR) certificates and to register declarations for industrial equipment, machinery and accessories:
— diesels and diesel generators,
— filters and ventilation,
— chemical and oil engineering equipment,
— pumps,
— processing lines,
— refrigeration equipment,
— fittings, valves,
— oil and gas field machinery and equipment,
— water preparation equipment,
— engineering and hand tools,
— welding equipment,
— hydraulic and pneumatic equipment,
— reduction gear,
— printing presses,
— bolts, hardware parts,
— locks.