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EAC mark. CU TR certificate and declaration

Image: EAC conformity mark

General rules

  • Published and regulated by CU Commission, 
    official site: http://eurasiancommission.org
  • 34 TR issued,
    31 TR of them enforced,
    29 TR in progress of development
  • Common EAC mark if any product already approved
  • 2 kind of approvals — declaration and certification, specified by regulation applicable
  • Not required of any other approvals to put equipment on CU market and sale
  • All approvals available on-line at federal register
    — certificates
    — declarations
  • No voluntary approvals in CU TR scope at all
  • No direct recognition of any other overseas certificates, declarations, test reports and factory inspections
  • Russian language for all documents only

Our accreditation

  • All CU TR below have been enforced Feb 15, 2013
    — TR CU 004/2011 «LVE safety»
    — TR CU 020/2011 «EMC»
    — TR CU 010/2011 «Machinery safety»

And what is difficult 

  • User, operation guide etc should be in Russian 
    (Article 5 of CU TR 004/2011 and 020/2011)
  • CU TR requirements should be specified in User Guide
  • Local representative company (resident of CU) is obligatory and should be specified in User Guide
You can find more detailed information in our presentation of CU TR in .pdf format.