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CU limitations. FSS notification

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General rules

Never confuse CU TR (Technical Regulation) with CU limitation

  • CU TR proves safety requirements and applicable: 
    — for all stages of product life cycle like custom clearance (import), sale, storage and use;
    — for all CU market subjects like importer, manufacturer, seller, operator etc;
    — always need to get CU TR certificate and/or declaration;
    — always need to mark with common EAC mark.
  •  CU limitation regulates some kind of product import into CU territory only and applicable:
    — for custom clearance procedure only;
    — for importers only (not for seller or operator);
    — sometimes for special cases specified below (if listed by CU commission) 
    need to get Minpromtorg license or FSS notification;
    — not required special mark.

§ 2.16 limitation of radio and HF devices

  • List of goods to import free (GSM, WiFi terminal, 
    BT, DECT, microwave oven etc.)
  • All other equipment can be imported with Minpromtorg licence only (for example WiFi AP)
  • Applicant and holder of licence is importer only 
  • Licence covers one shipment only, contract # and date should be specified in licence
  • Licence can be applied on base of RFC (Radio Frequency Center) conformance

§ 2.19 limitation of cryptographic

  • List of equipment with cryptographic functionality can be imported with special permits only
  • If equipment is listed by cryptographic regulations for notification in this case the notification should be registered by FSS (for example WiFi, BT, GSM etc.)
  • There should be local applicant only acting under apostilled PoA
  • In any other case the cryptographic equipment can be imported with Minpromtorg licence only

Our company registers FSS notificatios for 2 cases only in accordance with items 8 and 9 of the notification list.

  1. Item #8. Portable or mobile radioelectronical civilian production (for example, for commercial mobile radiotelecommunication), which is not able to provide end-to-end encryption (from one subscriber to others).
  2. Item #9. Wireless radioelectronic equipment which can encrypt an information in radio channel only up to 400m without amplification and re-translation in accordance with manufacturer’s technical specifications.