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Hygiene certificate

Image: logo of hygiene agency

General requirements

  • No obligatory hygienic requirements for consumer and industrial electronics, IT and telecom equipment at all.

Why has it been mentioned here?

  • There is only one reason — all well known brands make their efforts to prove that their electronic devices are safe.
  • It’s considered as good manners to obtain a hygienic approval for the following goods:
    — monitors (ergonomic safety);
    — radio electronic (electromagnetic safety);
    — kitchen equipment (chemical safety).

How to get it

  • There is another department in Custom Union commission along side with the Technical Regulation department — 
    Hygienic and Phytosanitary Department.
  • Everybody can apply voluntary to prove hygienic safety of any goods or equipment at a local hygienic branch.
  • The procedure can be based on test equipment and/or document analysis.
  • Voluntary hygienic certificate is valid on the same country territory only where it has been issued.