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Personal Protective Equipment Certification and Declaration

You can download short accreditation scope here in PDF format.

Safety of employees is one of the main factors on which the employer must pay attention. Safety requirements of Personal Protective Equipment (further PPE) are obligatory regulated by Technical regulation #019/2011 on Custom Union territory (CU TR 019/2011 «Safety of Personal Protective Equipment»).

In accordance with Customs Union Technical regulation the PPE conformity assessment should be carried out in two forms: certification or declaration. Necessary option is determined by the class of danger from which the PPE should protect.

There are two classes of danger specified on CU TR 019/2011:

  • 1 class — PPE of simple design under declaration procedure
  • 2 class — PPE of complex design under certification procedure

Considering our long cooperation with foreign partners accredited to similar scope we can organize factory inspections by local inspectors and offer you the simplest way to approve PPE with no retests by CU test labs if it’s already tested for CE or another certification marks.

Certification body accreditation scope

earphones   shoes   mask

Hearing protection

  • earmuffs
  • earplugs
  • protective communication headsets
  • components and parts

Feet protection

  • from mechanical injuries
  • from chemical injuries
  • from high and (or) low temperature
  • from electrical hazard

Filtering respirators

  • from chemicals injuries
  • from air pollution
  • disposable respirators
  • reusable respirators
gloves   clothes   helmet

Hand protection

  • from mechanical injuries
  • from chemicals injuries
  • from high and (or) low temperature
  • from electrical hazard

Protective clothing

  • from mechanical injuries
  • from c hemicals injuries
  • from high and (or) low temperature
  • from electrical hazard
  • high visibility clothing

Complex PPE

  • combination of elements
  • protection of two or more bodyparts
  • combination of several different types of PPE from injuries