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Certificate forms

Here you can find frequently asked document samples of various certification systems in CU, Russia and Ukraine.

    GOST R system

  1. Obligatory GOST R certificate
  2. Voluntary GOST R certificate
  3. GOST R declaration
  4. TR national sertificate

  5. TR (Technical Regulation) certificate
  6. CU national certificate under GOST R regulation

  7. CU (Custom union certificate) (national form with GOST R mark)
  8. CU TR certificate and declaration

  9. CU TR (Custom union certificate in accordance with new EAC form) 
    (TR form with new EAC mark)
    EAC certification mark has been come in force 
    from Feb. 15, 2013 for LVE, EMC and machinery requirements
  10. CU TR declaration 
  11. Telecom approval system (FAC approval)

  12. Telecom certificate (national Russian certificate)
  13. Telecom declaration  
  14. Hygiene (Sanitary) approval

  15. Hygiene (sanitary) certificate
  16. RTN (Rostechnadzor)

  17. RTN (Rostechnadzor) certificate
  18. Notification for encryption

  19. FSS notification
  20. RFC conformance

  21. RFC conformance
  22. UkrSEPRO system

  23. UkrSEPRO certificate
  24. UkrSEPRO declaration