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Certification marks

Now there is no difference between EAC certification and declaration mark, no certification body ID under certification mark, no any national certification mark like STB, GOST K and GOST R mark... If any equipment or goods are already aproved in accordance with Custom Union Technical Regulation (CU TR requirements ) they should be obligatory marked with common EAC mark.

You can download vector and pixel image of obligatory common EAC certification mark:

We also leave the files of GOST R obligatory certification marks:

the files of voluntary certification marks:

the files of obligatory TR marks:

Additional information for skillful engineers only

  • No GHOST certification mark in Russia. You ought to ask the other relevant authorities to apply such mark. Unfortunately we don’t have enough experience to recommend you someone who can help you.
  • No TELECOM certification mark in Rusia but we would be glad to provide telecom certification and declaration for you.