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Certificate of authorization for CU TR factory inspection

CU factory inspection details

In February 15, 2013 several Technical Regulations (TR or «Reglament» in CU terminology) have been toughened on Custom Union (CU) territory including Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Those new regulations essentially changed the schemes of the certification and declaration and procedure of the approval. So the Factory Inspection (FI) became one of compulsory stage prior to certification of the serial product.

Generally, factory inspection requirements are defined by Custom Union rules for obligatory approvals on Custom Union territory and special Technical Regulations for Low Voltage Equipment (LVE), Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMV) and other regulations. A few important facts should be taken in account when CU certification body issues a Factory Inspection report for further CU TR certification:

  • FI report should be issued by certification body accredited in the CU TR approval system;
  • FI report should be in Russian language;
  • an inspector should obligatory visit a factory to be sure that the manufacturer meets all obligatory requirements and produces safe equipment and goods.

Sometimes our clients ask us to accept their ISO9001 certificate or CIG023 FI report issued by another EU notified organization instead of factory inspection. Unfortunately it’s impossible for reasons above. Additionally we requested:

  • the CU commission;
  • the Technical Regulation department of Trade Economic Ministry; and
  • the European Electrical Products Certification Association (EEPCA);

to give us some explanations concerning a possibility to accept CIG023 reports or similar documents. In accordance with their answers:

  • there is no legal agreement between EEPCA and CU to use CIG023 report for CU TR certification;
  • CU certification body should strictly follow to the certification schemes describing certification procedure in CU regulations.

FI simplification

In accordance with general CU rules of accreditation and ГОСТ ISO/IEC Guide 65-2012 any accredited certification bodies can delegate some procedures to other subcontractors. We always try to do our best to make certification service convenient and quick. That’s why we have special authorization procedure developed for our foreign partners who have rights to inspect their local factories on behalf of our company.

The authorization may be given from 1 to 3 years depending on subcontractor’s qualification and authorization plan. This authorization gives possibility to issue bilingual (En-Ru) CU FI report which is similar on CIG023 and legally accepted for CU TR certification by CU certification bodies. For further information you can send your enquiry by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .