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Why we don’t accept CIG023

A lot of our clients ask us to accept CIG023 Factory Inspection report issued by TUV, UL, Intertek or any other well known authorized companies. Unfortunately we never accept CIG023 FI for reasons below.


In accordance with CU regulation a factory inspection should be executed and FI report should be issued

  • by a certification body accredited in CU (Custom Union) only
  • in Russian language or national language for Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia or Kirghistan

It’s law and our company always follows it. Additionally we requested the following authority to give us some explanation regarding CIG023 acceptance

  • EEPCA, the European Electrical Products Certification Association and
  • Ministry of industry and trade of Russian federation

In the end they confirmed there is no legal way to accept CIG023 FI report for CU TR certification procedure because none of any agreement between EEPCA and CU for factory inspection rules. You can find to get acquainted with letter from EEPCA, the European Electrical Products Certification Association and letter from Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian federation where they answered that FI is obligatory provided by CU inspector.


In accordance with Russian accreditation rules any certification body can authorize a subcontractor under its responsibility to execute a part of certification procedure if it’s reasonable for some reasons. That’s why we are always ready to authorize some competent employees to inspect local factories for CU TR certification approvals. It may be profitable because this FI report is valid for 1 year and may be used for any number of certificates for the manufacturer.