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Telecom certificate and declaration in Russia

Basic facts

  • Regulated by FAC — Federal Agency of Communication
  • Scope of regulation is any equipment and software installed or connected to CTN (Common Telecom Network) to transfer data, voice, broadcasting etc. or provide any services
  • 22 product groups under certification procedure,
    21 — under declaration procedure (radio telecom technologies like GSM, LTE, WiFi, BT, DECT etc. among them)
  • Federal register of FAC certificates and FAC declarations 
  • Why everybody makes an effort to approve telecom equipment if it’s voluntary, no obligatory mark, no penalty for violation?
  • There are two simple reasons:
    1) nobody buys consumer electronic if it’s not approved;
    2) telecom operator never gets commercial 
    licence to provide any commercial services if its 
    equipment and soft not approved by FAC

Some details of approval procedure

  • No direct recognition of any other overseas certificates, declarations, test reports and factory inspections
  • Our partner labs can reissue CB/CE reports in accordance with telecom requirements without retesting if they find all necessary information in your test reports and documentations
  • Declarant of declaration procedure should be local Russian company only
  • Date and # of contract between declarant and manufacturer should be pointed on declaration
  • Our company provides local declaration services for manufacturer who doesn’t have a local representative company
  • Only single model should be specified on FAC (telecom) declaration — no series, no family, no similar models in FAC declaration
  • There can be several similar models, series or family specified in FAC (telecom) certificate
You can download our FAC (telecom) presentation "Objects of telecom approvals in Russia"
to understand FAC regulation better.

Modular approval

Manufacturer can approve a telecom built-in module or an end-user device, it doesn't matter legally. It depends on manufacturer's choice only. But to approve an end-user device is better way. If manufacturer approves only a module, in this case he must provide some legal and design information for any officials, customers (for example importer, custom clearance etc.) that the end-user device includes the module which has been completely approved. Sometimes it may be difficult. We can offer a discount to register declarations if several models include identical modules.

FAC certificate or declaration or nothing

The following diagram shows how to choose criteria to approve a telecommunication equipment in FAC approval system in Russia.

algorithm of FAC approval

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