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802.11 radio equipment at 5GHz band

The most frequently asked question is what frequency range and output power is allowed for 802.11 radio equipment at 5GHz band? There is no answer for that because it’s incorrect question. Taking in account that import, technical, telecom and Custom Union regulation are not harmonized to each other so that exact answer depends on what kind of regulation you are going to apply. All kind of regulations, authorities and scope of use are specified in the table below.

Here you can find more detailed information what frequency allowed in.pdf file

Kind of Radio regulation Authority Scope of regulation Kind of approval
Import limitation of radio and other goods CU —
Custom Union commission
Custom Clearance
to put on CU market
  • Free — if listed in 2.16 limitation list
  • License — if not listed
Radio frequency distribution GKRCH —
National Radio Frequency commission
Radio frequency monitoring
in Russian territory
  • Nothing — if listed into GKRCH list
  • Special permission — if not listed
Telecom regulation FAC —
Federal Agency of Communication
Stable operation of 
Common (Public) Telecommunication Network
  • Declaration
  • Certification