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GPS/GLONASS and ERA GLONASS requirements

New Custom Union Technical Regulation CU TR 018/2011 — «Safety of motor vehicle» has been enforced January 01, 2015. It’s important to know that GPS / GLONASS / ERA GLONASS or any other navigation system becomes an object of new CU regulation. There are some obligatory requirements in the new CU TR which should be taken in account since January 01, 2015.

  1. Every motor vehicle shall beequipped byGPS/ GLONASS/ ERA GLONASS navigation system with 2navigation technologies asminimum.
  2. The navigation system should beable tocall anemergency service inanincident case automatically.
  3. Navigation system should transfer all tracking data and voice via GSM network.
  4. Navigation system should beapproved obligatory asavehicle component orspare part which influence onvehicle safety.

Additionally every kind of GPS or GLONASS navigator should be approved in accordance with EMC Custom Union obligatory regulation — CU TR 020/2011 as electronic device emitting electromagnetic disturbances.