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New FAC (Telecom) requirements

A new telecom regulation has been enforced December 16, 2015. There was the following reasons to change the current  telecom regulation and requirements.

FAC takes over the control of
  1. Custom clearance procedure
  2. The most famous retail groups
On-line marketing
  1. Yandex.Market  (the biggest on-line integrator)
  2. Withdraws every model from the sale
    if equipment is not approved
Registration procedure
  1. Check  applicant legitimating
Market inspections going to
  1. Check  software version
  2. Application list which are pre-installed
    on every telecom device

New requirements and new declaration form should be taken in account in accordance with Telecom Ministry order # 288 from September 15, 2015.

Requirements Current regulation New regulation
Applicant Resident company only should be specified on declaration as applicant
  1. Resident specified on declaration
  2. Certified document authorizing the signature of applicant shoold be applied to register
Software Operation System (OS) or Firmware version should be specified on declaration
  1. Operation System (OS) or Firmware version
  2. List of applications already pre-installed
    and their released versions should be specified on declaration
Similar models The same technical file could be used to declare  the similar models The new technical file is required for every declaration to register
Lead time 1 month 1,5 ... 2 months